Online Platform Science for Patients

A Conversation between Science and Patients

MS Association Netherlands, ME/cfs Association, and Association Osteogenesis Imperfecta were the first organizations with a Science for Patients channel, abbreviated SfP. After consulting with stakeholders, they carefully selected current topics. Next they approached leading specialist scientists for each of the topics. Video lectures about diagnoses, current research and other relevant subjects were recorded specifically for SfP.

Knowledge Sharing Video Lectures

SfP provides information for patients with video lectures about current research related to specific symptoms. At the same time, it provides a unique opportunity for patients to share experience knowledge with the scientific community. Patients can leave comments in a number of ways. In other words: the focus is on listening to each other and being heard. The thought is that this exchange of knowledge will ultimately result in a positive contribution to the general quality of healthcare.


We were asked to develop an identity. Based on the dynamic identity, we created a concept and design for the responsive Science for Patients website.

"Bij Beeldprikkels werken mensen met creativiteit en een goed oog voor kwaliteit. Ze werken snel, reageren vlug en wanneer het nodig is om mee te denken, bieden ze allerlei opties aan. Voor onze ontwerpen, identiteit en website hebben we dan ook met plezier samengewerkt." 

Marlinde van Hedel, projectmanager Wetenschap voor Patiënten