Tasty Multicultural Community

Oersoep (Primordial Soup) is a project by artist Lobke Meekes. The project has already been executed in a number of cities, including Amsterdam, Arnhem and Deventer. We designed all communication channels for this project. This includes cookbooks, a poster expo, posters, flyers and stickers. An important aspect of the house style was the illustrative patterns. The ingredients of the primordial soup were assimilated in a pattern that related to the country of origin for each recipe.

Searching for Connections and Appreciation

Lobke asks local residents for their authentic soup recipes. As she goes to work, she looks for connections between people. Eating and flavours are the tools she uses to connect people from different backgrounds with different interests and heritages. When the subject is food, curiosity and passion conquer any language barriers or fear of the unknown. She stimulates understanding and appreciation for mutual differences by labelling them “unique”.