When you make an online reservation at your favourite restaurant, pay a bill, or find the shortest route to your next appointment – these are all digital transactions that make your life easier. In addition to radio and television, our smartphones, tablets and other digital communication devices are crucial aspects of our lives. It is up to creative strategic designers like us to put ease of use first when designing such products and services. We personalize the user experience with responsive and persuasive design. Brands and people are increasingly involved in dialogs. The age of “sending” is in the past and interaction is the new norm. An example of a platform built around interaction is Science for Patients (SfP) which we designed in partnership with the MS Association of the Netherlands, ME/cfs Association, and Association Osteogenesis Imperfecta. SfP provides information for patients with video lectures about current research related to specific symptoms. In return, patients share their experiences with the scientific community through the platform. In other words: this is about listening to each other and being heard. Another example of online inspiration is the digital platform for residents in the rural area of Hardenberg. Farmers go there to find ideas for repurposing and alternative uses of their land. And for our very youngest users, we developed Jack Backpack, nature exploration for children, supported by an app that uses augmented reality (ar). We are always eager to go the extra mile. We hope to take you with us. The result is a digital communication concept your target group will be unable to resist. Stand up and stand out