In a world where digital is everywhere, we believe in using a combination of channels: cross media helps you get even further. We design a mixture of offline and online media to bring your work to life through various communication channels. Together with you, we step into the shoes of the recipient. How can we stimulate and fascinate, from beginning to end? Count Sassendonk is an example of an interactive activity book that teaches children about the historical Hanseatic city of Zwolle in a playful way. Another example is the one and only Mensshoppingguide in the Netherlands, a reversible publication with hotspots for men such as barber shops, cigar shops, and a tour of the most comfortable benches on which to wait for partners who shop till they drop. The Patient Journeys we developed for various healthcare organizations have also been very well received. We applied a design thinking method that resulted in a strong design, putting the needs of patients first and foremost. It is all about the experience. No holds are barred to achieve this: photography, infographics, illustrations, typography, special types of paper, creative effects and a unique tone of voice. We submerge your target group in your brand. Delete boring. What remains is an overwhelming impression. Everything is a remix.