Strategy & concept

Fame, connections, revenue and information. Whatever your goal is, marketing and communication can only be successful when based on an excellent strategy. Show us your challenges, and merge the knowledge available at your business with our creativity and expertise. We will set up your strategy from a perspective of service design thinking and customer experience. A strong brand shows up everywhere; in what you do, deliver, and say. With workshops and brainstorming sessions, we help you expand your business with a strong brand, and give expression to it. We collect the results in a brand guide that lists every strategic and aesthetic decision made. Based on this brand guide, we build websites, apps, house styles and interactive communication concepts. As creative strategic designers, we have an enormous capacity for empathy, and a wealth of experience with which to assess whether a design will be effective or not. Even so, we always perform due diligence to pre-empt trends, competition and other related issues. Design research, which means learning to understand the user, is essential. We determine the customer journey and context within which the target group functions. We also determine the needs and motivations of the target group. You and your colleagues are included in the process; our customers are often as much the makers of a strategy as we are.